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#Fast for families

Join us on March 25 & 26, as we fast in solidarity with undocumented families--who don’t have a seat at the table--and call on our Bloomington city council to come back to the table to pass the “Welcoming City” ordinance.

Immigrants in our community are living in fear.
Some are workers who endure exploitation from bosses, who use their immigration status as a threat. Others are children, who from a very young age, know the risk and fear that their parents might be torn from them at any moment. Others are dreamers, brought to the U.S. as children, living in D.A.C.A. limbo, watching their dreams fade away as the program expires. Some are women, who suffer in abusive relationships but are too afraid to call out for help. But ALL are human beings who deserve to live and love in safety and in the abundance of a community that truly welcomes them.

Across many faiths and social movements, fasting has been used as symbol of sacrifice for a moral purpose; and food, as a way of bringing community together. After his 25-day-fast with the United Farm Workers in 1968, Cesar Chavez expressed, “I am convinced that the truest act of courage, is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally non-violent struggle for justice.”

Starting on Sunday, March 25 at 6:30pm, community members across McLean County will come together outside of Bloomington City Hall to begin a fast in solidarity with undocumented families, and in support of the “Welcoming City” ordinance. The fast will continue into the following day. On Monday, March 26 at 6pm, we invite our Bloomington City Council members to “come back to the table” with their commitment to work with us to pass a “Welcoming City Ordinance” and break the fast.

As a community member, there are many ways you can support #FastForFamilies.

Event Schedule:

Sunday, March 25 at 6:30pm at Bloomington City Hall (109 E. Olive St.)

Candlelight Vigil (#Fastforfamilies kickoff)

Help us kick off the #FastForFamilies with a candlelight vigil, featuring interfaith speakers, community-building and songs.​

Monday, March 26 from 9am to 6pm (109 E. Olive St.)

Ongoing fast outside of bloomington city hall

Stop by to visit with "fasters" and show your support. If you can't stop by in-person, you can join the fast "remotely" by fasting on your own and documenting your experience using the #FastForFamilies hashtag on social media.

Monday, March 26 at 6pm at Bloomington City Hall (109 E. Olive St.)

Community Gathering (Breaking of the Fast) + City council meeting

Join us as we call on Bloomington city council members to "come back to the table" and help us break the fast in community, with renewed commitment toward the "Welcoming City" ordinance.

Get Updates from the campaign

Share your contact information with us to keep up-to-date with the KFT campaign, and sign a letter of support for a Welcoming Cities ordinance in Blono.

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